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What is eRec?

Built from the ground-up by recreation professionals, for recreation professionals, eRec allows organizations of any size to manage their recreation center with ease. Track, measure, and analyze your recreation center’s key performance indicators with our extensive reporting system. Connecting your community has never been easier as you can take advantage of our software to help drive engagement from your community members.

Since 1998, MAIS Software has been trusted by municipalities across North America to deliver on our promises of delivering innovative web-based services that solve real-business needs.

Why Choose eRec?

Key Features

No Barriers

From their personal profile, customers can easily book a court, request a rental, pay a parking ticket, renew a license, or have access to any service in their city with the click of a button.


A cloud-based software as a service solution that will reduce your dependency on IT and infrastructure. No servers, no database managers or licenses, just peace of mind!


A software solution that can used on any device, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Allowing you to register, book or signup at any time that is most convenient to you.

Easy For Everyone

Built from the ground-up specifically for recreation centers, eRec is an easy-to-use software solution that enables customers and improves the efficiency of employees. Access your recreation center anytime, anywhere!


Our first-party and third-party integrations further facilitate your recreation center’s efficiencies. Save time by having all your solutions in one place!

Customer Service

We guarantee exceptional customer service that won’t disappoint. Our team works hard to develop and deliver quality, reliable, and affordable services that will easily integrate into your business model.

Use A Wizard

Our complete setup wizard improves productivity and simplifies the setup processes for your employees. Easily book a new course or setup a rental in minutes.


Create groups for your customers that are exportable into excel and other programs. Need to send out an e-mail newsletter to only one segment of customers? We’ve made it easy!

Flexible Rentals

Create, update, or review rentals with ease. Utilize our Quick Booking system to create a rental in seconds, just drag and drop into your real-time facility calendar. Instantly see what is available and booked!

Customized Profiles

Go above and beyond by engaging your customers. We allow for users to fully customize their profile, integrate family accounts, upload photos, and share their progress on social media.

Personal Event Calendar

Each registered community member gets access to their own personalized calendar integrated inside the eRec dashboard. Giving the customer a full-scale view of their upcoming and past activities.

Engage Your Citizens

Utilize our integrated social media sharing functions to boost your Recreation Center’s online presence. Allow your community members to share their progress and engage on social media with you and the surrounding community!

Mobile Friendly

  • Allow your community members the ability to book a rental, court, or activity on the go.
  • Extremely light and speedy interface.
  • Compatible with all mobile devices, including iOS and Android tablets and phones.
  • Give your recreation center full control over all customer touchpoints by having mobile and web compatibility.
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Who Uses eRec?

Municipal Recreation Departments

Community Centres

Aquatic Centres

Non-Profit Organizations


Next-generation software built on the most advanced cloud-based technologies. Seamless cloud-based software integration with your business operation.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Leave the behind-the-scenes work to us! By having our Software on a PaaS model, we eliminate your organization’s need to manage the underlying system infrastructure. Our service ensures that all capacity planning, system upgrades, software maintenance, and server maintenance are done effectively and accurately by our professionals. This frees up ample time and improves efficiencies by allowing your employees to focus solely on managing your business operation.

Our partnered business model allows for your organization to integrate a fully scalable software solution. Whether you are a small business, medium-sized business, recreation centre, or an enterprise, our customer-oriented software will fit your needs.

Our cloud servers are hosted by Amazon’s industry-leading Amazon EC2 platform in both the US and Canada.

How Do Our Clients Benefit?

  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24 Hour System Backup
  • Automatic Server Scaling
  • PCI DSS Compliance Standards
  • DDOS Mitigation

eRec — Your Complete Parks & Rec Solution

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