A complete and fully integrated financial accounting software solution for Municipalities.

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What is eFinancial?

Built from the ground-up for municipalities, small local governments, and utility entities alike. eFinancial is a financial accounting solution that offers flexible reporting, budget forecasting, and search capabilities to allow your municipality full control over your past, present, and future finances.

MAIS Software understands the challenges, needs and demands of a Municipality, and we have created a team dedicated to responsive action. Delivering superior customer service to our clients is one of the core values of MAIS Software. With the addition of our advanced online Services Solutions, we are leading the way in technology advances and customer options.

Serving municipalities since 1998, MAIS Software prides itself in providing a financial software solution that is reliable, secure, and convenient for the end-user.

Why Choose eFinancial?

Key Features

General Ledger

Keep track of your financial account transactions in an easy-to-use ledger. Perform account inquires, post journal entries, and print general ledger reports with ease.

Budgeting / Forecasting

Create sophisticated budgets, and test multiple 10-year forecasting model variations against your existing budget. Utilize either a traditional line item budgeting or activity-based budgeting system based on your municipal needs.

Bank Reconciliation

Consistently reconcile accounting records with our fully-automated bank reconciliation program.

Account Payable / Receivable

A fully integrated module that meets the payable clerk’s demand for fast, efficient processing of invoices and payments.


Manage your advanced municipal payroll, including timekeeping, and scheduling of payments while meeting the federal, provincial, and municipal reporting requirements.

Fixed Assets

Have full control over asset acquisition, depreciation, and total lifetime cost for departmental fixed assets. Simplify your processes by tracking fixed assets, creating accurate, comprehensive management reports, and providing a clean audit trail.

Human Resources

Allows for the ability to track your employee's history on all benefits and activities, as well as event management, hiring functions, reviews and document tracing throughout all phases of employment.

Purchase Orders

Create, authorize, and print purchase orders with ease.

Inventory Control

Accurate inventory control measures allowing you to receive product and issue stock from multiple warehouses. Integrated with our financial modules, allowing for up-to-date comprehensive reporting.

Cash Receipting

A complete interface with all MAIS billing modules, providing real-time posting to accounts and sub ledgers with General Ledger and Utility Billing posting at the day-end balancing.

Business License

Create and maintain business licenses with precision accuracy. Post adjustments, penalties, refunds, renewal notices, and reconcile outstanding licenses with ease.

Utility Billing

A comprehensive system of billing for services such as water, sewer, solid waste, and recycling. Bill your customers based on various billing cycles all in place with a complete log/work order system.

Building Permits

Create and maintain permit information. Process daily requests, post adjustments, assess construction values, update GIS, and print reports!

Purchase Orders

Create and print purchase orders in only a few clicks. Full integration with Accounts Payable, automatically creating an invoice with all necessary details, eliminating double entry or duplicate payment issues.

Pre-authorized Payments

Simplifying how you process preauthorized payments. Link customer accounts, process daily electronic batches, and maintain customer records and track changes, among many other simplified processes.

Property Taxation

Maintain property taxation accounts and rates, Load and calculate property taxes, Print and post property tax bills, reports, and adjustments with the click of a button!

Work Management

Truly understand the project and objective relationship with a cost centered accounting approach to budgeting activity. Create, maintain, post, and print work orders, transactions, and reports for managed projects.

Our Integrated In-House Applications


Allow your customers to conveniently view and pay bills and licenses online with our ePay solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Extend your service hours by allowing your municipal customers to access payment solutions on the web after-hours.


Enable municipal residents to apply, pay, and view the status of their permit online in one easy-to-use solution.


Authorize electronic home owner grants paid by municipality residents on the web.


Non-disruptive seamless backups that are scheduled regularly before and after business hours. For increased safety, eBackup allows for full data recovery within 2 hours of notification during service hours.